What is CAHPS?

The Alliance measures member satisfaction using the CAHPS® (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey annually. The survey looks at health plan’s performance and members’ experiences in the provider office.

How is the CAHPS survey conducted?

A sample of the Alliance’s members or parents of child members are mailed a CAHPS survey. After completing the survey, the member or parent can mail the survey back to our survey vendor. The vendor also follows up with a phone call to those members or parents that have not mailed back the survey.

Why does the Alliance conduct a CAHPS survey?

The Alliance uses the survey results to identify opportunities to improve member satisfaction.

What can you do to improve your CAHPS Scores?

  • Please inform your patients that they may receive a survey asking about their experience.
  • Encourage your patients to complete and mail back the survey.
  • Always provide outstanding customer service to your patients.

If you have any questions about CAHPS, need more information, or would like a copy of the Alliance’s CAHPS information, please contact the Provider Services Department at 510-747-4510 or by email