Electronic Data Interchange Services

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange or EDI, is a way to send claims electronically from your computer to our computer. Providers can easily send claims electronically from their computers’ Practice Management System to Alameda Alliance for Health’s claims systems, resulting in real time and cost savings.

Why Use EDI to Send Claims?

There are many benefits to using EDI for claims transactions:

  • Saves your office time and speeds up the payment cycle
  • Reduces costs when compared to paper submissions (printing, collating, mailing, postage, forms, etc.)
  • Increases accuracy of claims data submitted; less rework
  • Fast and safe because EDI uses secure FTP 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Using EDI ensures your claims are HIPAA compliant
  • Electronic Remittance (ERA) - Electronic payment information can be used to automatically post payments to the patient accounts on your computer.

How to Get Started with EDI?

Register for EDI with the Alliance by faxing or mailing the completed EDI Enrollment/Trading Partner Agreement form to the Alliance’s EDI department at 510-747-4290.

This form can be printed from here:

EDI Enrollment/Trading Partner Agreement form 

EDI Instruction Documents:

You or your software vendor can use these documents to correctly configure EDI claims being sent to the Alliance. EDI instructions, testing and communications information are included as well as contact information, should any questions come up.

Alameda Alliance for Health Standard Companion Guides

You can download and save or send these PDFs from here:

For Institutional Claims submission: AAH_5010_837I_CG_Draft_V.1.2.pdf

For Professional Claims submission: AAH_5010_837P_CG_Draft_V.1.2.pdf

For Health Care Eligibility and Response: Alameda_270271CompanionGuide_10202015

For Health Care Claims Status Request and Response: Alameda_276277CompanionGuide_10202015

For Health Care Electronic Remittance Advise: Alameda_835CompanionGuide_10_20_2015

For Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance: Alameda Alliance_(834) Companion Guide

Contact Information

Please call EDI at 510-373-5757. You can also email the EDI Department at edisupport@alamedaalliance.org.

Our mailing address for completed EDI Enrollment forms is:

Alameda Alliance for Health
Attn: Claims-EDI Enrollment
1240 South Loop Road
Alameda, CA 94502