Free Language Services

Alameda Alliance for Health would like our members to speak to us and to your doctors in your own language. When you have a doctor’s appointment, you should have a Qualified Health Interpreter, if you need one. We will provide one at no cost to you. It is best to not use family or friends to interpret for you. You may choose face-to-face or phone interpreter service. Please give three days notice to schedule face-to-face appointments. Your doctor can use our phone interpreter service at any time. Contact us to access the service. Members as well as providers can request interpreter services.

Member Materials

You may receive written materials in a language you can read. Most are written in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese. If you cannot read any of these languages, or are not getting materials in your preferred language, let us know. You may also receive materials in an audio format or other alternative formats at your request.

Personal Information

In order to better serve you, and to know more about our members, it helps us to know your race and the preferred language that you speak and read. You are not required to provide this information to us, but it would help us arrange your services. To see if we have your correct information, contact us or update your information using the Member Log In on the right to access the Member Portal.

Customer Service

When you call the Alliance, let us know what language you prefer to speak. If we cannot speak your language, we will use an interpreter at no cost to you. Our staff speaks many languages, including Spanish, Cantonese, and Vietnamese. We use a telephone service for translation of other languages.