Pharmacy and Drug Benefits

Prescription medications can be critical to keeping you healthy. If you have questions about your pharmacy and drug benefits, need help finding a pharmacy, or want a printed copy of the formulary, please call:

Alliance Member Services

510-747-4567 or toll-free 1-877-932-2738
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. 5 p.m.

Find a Pharmacy

The Alliance has close to 200 pharmacies throughout Alameda County in our network.
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Drug Formulary

We maintain a Drug Formulary, which is an approved drug list. It includes common drugs that are prescribed by the doctors in our network. These drugs have been chosen for their quality, safety and cost. A group of doctors and pharmacists regularly review the drug formulary to ensure it includes newly available drugs.

The Alliance works with PerformRx, a company that manages your pharmacy benefits. PerformRx processes pharmacy claims, maintains the Drug Formulary list, and the list of pharmacies in our network.

Online Drug Search

Members can access the Drug Formulary online to see if a drug is covered. If your drug is not covered, this tool can show you other drug options that are included in the Drug Formulary.

Abbreviated Medi-Cal Drug Formulary

The Alliance publishes an Abbreviated Medi-Cal Drug Formulary, it includes some of the most commonly prescribed drugs. The Abbreviated Medi-Cal Drug Formulary can be printed on one page (front and back). Please note this list is NOT comprehensive of all the drugs on the Drug Formulary, which can be found using the Online Drug Search tool described above.

Formulary Updates

The Alliance's Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee (P&T Committee) meets quarterly to review the drug formulary, drug utilization patterns, and to establish and/or update the formulary, guidelines, protocols, programs, and procedures that help ensure high-quality, cost-effective drug therapy.

Formulary Updates 06-2019 - Reflects updates for June 2019

Formulary Updates 03-2019 - Reflects updates for March 2019

Formulary Updates 12-2018 - Reflects updates for January 2019

Formulary Updates 9-2018 - Reflects updates for October 2018

Formulary Updates 8-2018 - Reflects updates for August 2018

Formulary Updates 2-2018 - Reflects updates for February 2018

Formulary Updates 10-2017 - Reflects updates for October 2017

Formulary Updates 07-2017 - Reflects updates for July 2017

Formulary Updates 04-2017 - Reflects updates for April 2017

Formulary Updates 01-2017 - Reflects updates for January 2017

Formulary Updates 09-2016 - Reflects updates for October 2016

Formulary Updates 06-2016 - Reflects updates for July 2016

Formulary Updates 03-2016 - Reflects updates for April 2016

Formulary Updates 12-2015 - Reflects updates for January 2016

Formulary Updates 9-2015 - Reflects updates for October 2015

Formulary Updates 5-2015 - Reflects updates for July 2015

Formulary Updates 3-2015  - Reflects updates for May 2015

Formulary Updates 12-2014 - Reflects updates for February 2015

Formulary Updates 9-2014 - Reflects updates for November 2014

Formulary Updates 6-2014 - Reflects updates for August 2014

Formulary Updates 3-2014 - Reflects updates for April 2014

Formulary Updates 12-2013 - Reflects updates for February 2014

Formulary Updates 9-2013 - Reflects updates for September 2013

Print Copy of Drug Formulary

For a printed copy of the Drug Formulary, please contact Member Services at 510-747-4567, 1-877-932-2738, or CRS/TTY: 711 or 1-800-735-2929, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Machine Readable Formulary File - In accordance with 42 CFR 438.10(i)(1) - (3), The Alliance has made available a machine readable formulary file in the format specified by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This file includes which drugs are covered (brand and generic name) and the tier of the medication. 

Information About Drugs

Specialty Pharmacy

Some drugs require special care. For example, the drug may need to be refrigerated, given as a shot or taken with special instructions. Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy handles these drugs for the Alliance. Visit their website or call their toll-free number 1-855-347-4783 to learn more.  
Specialty Pharmacy Drug List