Mental Health Services

The Alliance covers a member for mental health services. Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) would make a referral for additional mental health screening to a specialist within the Alliance’s network to determine your level of impairment. If your mental health screening results determine you are in mild or moderate distress or have impairment of mental, emotional, or behavioral functioning, the Alliance can provide mental health services.

For help finding more information on mental health services provided by the Alliance, you can call 510.747.4567 or toll-free at 1.877.932.2738 (CRS/TTY 711 or 1.800.735.2929).

Outpatient Mental Health Services

We cover these mental health services:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychological testing
  • Outpatient services for monitoring drug therapy
  • Outpatient laboratory, drugs, and supplies
  • Psychiatric consultation


Specialty Mental Health Services (SMHS)

If your mental health screening results determine you need specialty mental health services (SMHS), the PCP will refer you to the county mental health plan to receive an assessment.

County mental health plans provide specialty mental health services (SMHS) to Medi-Cal patients who meet medical necessary criteria. SMHS may include the following inpatient and outpatient services:

Outpatient services:

  • Mental health services (assessments, plan development, therapy, rehabilitation, and collateral)
  • Medication support services
  • Day treatment intensive services
  • Day rehabilitation services
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Crisis stabilization services
  • Targeted case management services
  • Therapeutic behavioral services
  • Intensive care coordination (ICC)
  • Intensive home-based services (IHBS)
  • Therapeutic foster care (TFC)

Residential services:

  • Adult residential treatment services
  • Crisis residential treatment services

Inpatient services:

  • Acute psychiatric inpatient hospital services
  • Psychiatric inpatient hospital professional services
  • Psychiatric health facility services 

For help finding more information on specialty mental health services, provided by the county mental health plan, you can call the county. To locate all counties toll-free telephone numbers online, visit

Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder Services

The plan covers:

  • Alcohol misuse screening and counseling
  • Hospital stays medically necessary to treat withdrawal symptoms
  • Non-medical transportation to alcohol and substance use disorder treatment

Pediatric Services

The plan covers:
  • Early and periodic screening, diagnostic and treatment (EPSDT) services
  • These services are also called well-child visits. These visits include health screens, diagnosis, treatment and shots for children through the month of their 21st birthday.
    • These services include:
      • Routine well child checks
      • Diagnosis and treatment for persons with specific physical and mental illnesses or conditions
      • Physical, occupational and speech therapies
      • Pediatric day health care facilities
      • Case management
      • Vision care