What are the general services and benefits of Alliance Group Care?

Alliance Group Care provides low-cost health care coverage to In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) workers in Alameda County. Benefits include routine care from your own doctor, specialty care, hospital care, and other services listed in the "Benefits" section of the Alliance Group Care Evidence of Coverage (EOC). Go to http://ac-pa4ihss.org/health-benefits.html to learn about premiums and copays for this program.

IHSS home care workers may qualify for Alliance Group Care through the Alameda County Public Authority for IHSS. To find out if you are eligible for Alliance Group Care, please call the Public Authority for IHSS at (510) 577-3551 or visit http://ac-pa4ihss.org/health-benefits.html to learn more. Once you become an Alliance Group Care member, we will send you a new member packet and an Alliance member ID card before your effective date.