I received a medical bill from my provider, what should I do?

If you receive a bill from your provider, please contact the provider to make sure they did not send the bill to you by mistake. Medi-Cal providers should send the bill directly to the Alliance for payment. However, due to reasons such as not having the correct coverage information, they may not know where to submit the bill.

If you cannot resolve the problem directly with the provider, please contact our Member Services department for instructions on how to send us the bill. We will need the following information: date of the medical service, the doctor's/hospital name, the amount of the bill, a copy of the itemized bill, member name and Alliance member ID number of the person who received the service. Once we receive the copy of the bill, we will review it. If you were eligible for the service, we will send the payment to the provider.

Note: If you receive bills for the services below, please do not send them to the Alliance. These services are covered through other programs. You can contact the numbers listed below for payment information:

AFP (Alpha Fetal Protein) screenings: Contact the Extended AFP Program at 1-866-718-7915

Mental Health services provided by ACCESS: Contact ACCESS mental health at 1-800-491-9099