How Do I choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP)?

Having a doctor you can trust and talk to is very important to your health. You can find a list of PCPs who are in our network in the Alliance Provider Directory, which is in the Alliance Member Portal as "Find a Doctor." You can enter the portal using the Quick Links on the right side of the page, or using the Member Log-in box on your right.

You can choose any PCP who accepts new patients from the list of internal medicine, general practice, family practice, and pediatrics. After you pick a PCP, you can let us know online, where you can also print a member ID card, or you can contact our Member Services department and tell us who you chose. If you need help selecting a PCP, we can help.

You may also choose a county clinic or a community health clinic that is part of the Alliance network as your PCP. All Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in Alameda County are part of our network. We want your PCP to be your choice. However, if you do not pick a PCP, we are required to assign you to a PCP within 30 days of when you join. We will also assign you to a PCP if you and your PCP cannot get along or if your PCP's contract with the Alliance comes to an end. You can choose a new PCP at any time for any reason. The PCP you pick must be taking new patients. We will let your PCP know of your choice within 10 days after you choose or are assigned to a PCP.