Employee Code of Conduct

For over 20 years, Alameda Alliance for Health (the "Alliance") has upheld a tradition of being a responsible citizen of the community we serve. Our ongoing commitment to offering members quality health care services, while fully complying with the law, and meeting the highest ethical standards of business conduct continues today. In the healthcare industry, change is something we can always count on. While change is expected, some things must stay the same, such as our commitment to serving our members and our community with the highest level of ethical behavior.

As you know, trust is key to the success of any business and ethical conduct is the foundation upon which trust is built. Ethical conduct simply means doing the right thing. Most of us – if not all of us – come to work every day with the best intentions to do the right thing, to live by the company values and to do what’s right. But sometimes it is hard to determine what "right" is. That is why we have a Code of Conduct – to support you in making these choices.

The Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of the Alliance’s Compliance Program. It contains the standards of behavior that each one of us is expected to observe while performing our jobs. Spelling out these standards helps us all maintain a culture of integrity and excellence.

I support and live by our Code of Conduct. Our Alliance Board of Governors supports and lives by our Code of Conduct. Please join us in our ongoing efforts to operate our business according to our Code of Conduct.

Scott Coffin
Chief Executive Officer 

2018 Alameda Alliance for Health Code of Conduct